How to Beat Your Friends at

Word Choice

How easy is your word to guess?

How long is the word?

How many ways can the word be drawn?

Who are you drawing for?

Niche techniques

  1. Don’t pick words that people always guess at the start of each round, since you’ll have less time to draw a convincing picture
  2. Pick a colour as your word and fill the screen with that colour
  3. Pick words that have already been drawn


Use the tools provided


Drawing size and elaboration

Niche techniques

  1. Lower your dpi/mouse sensitivity to give yourself greater precision when drawing
  2. Practice drawing with a mouse using Google Quickdraw
  3. You can draw something that is spelled similarly to the word you need to draw. For example, drawing a banana when your word is bandana. When people guess banana, they’ll find out that their guess is close and they might guess bandana correctly
  4. If someone makes a typo guessing the correct word, you can draw an arrow pointing it out in the chat
  5. Using words in your drawing
  6. Using MANY words in your drawing


Take in all information


  1. Don’t waste time typing answers that don’t fit the number of letters
  2. Don’t waste time typing answers other people have tried
  3. If the answer comes to you while you’re typing something else, hit Ctrl + Backspace on Windows, Option + Delete on Mac to delete everything
  4. Avoid giving away the answer by making a typo

Dedicate your brainpower

Niche techniques

  1. Guess a word that fits the length at the beginning of the round. If you get it right before the person has had a chance to draw, you’ve gained a huge lead
  2. Keep a word in your copy/paste clipboard for easy pasting. I always forget how to spell Pinocchio in a pinch, so I keep him ready on paste
  3. Pretend that you’ve found a “close” word by guessing things that rhyme in succession
  4. Review a list of the words in the word list



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