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Kevin Lin
7 min readMay 7, 2020 is a notoriously funny online game where you earn points by either guessing what others draw, or having people guess what you draw. Naturally, drawing with a mouse or track-pad leads to terrible, convoluted drawings, so if you’re playing with friends and you’re all in a call together, lots of fun can be had. Although the emphasis of playing skribbl is having fun, playing well and besting your friends is a very rewarding experience. Here are my tips and strategies to do just that. In each section, I have some general principles, followed by specific techniques.

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Word Choice



Word Choice

At the start of your drawing turn, you’re given 3 words to choose from. Since the drawing turn is a round where heaps of points can be accumulated, this choice is very important. Here are the questions you should be asking when picking a word:

How easy is your word to guess?

The first instinct is to choose the word that is easiest to draw. This is usually the most important consideration, but it’s also important to imagine how you’ll draw a word and how well the players will interpret your drawing. Usually, how easy something is to draw is related to how well it will be interpreted, but there are some situations where that isn’t the case. For example: a dandelion might be easy to draw, but the length of the word and the ambiguity of a simple yellow or white flower might make it harder to guess. Words that are easy to draw and also easy to guess are the ideal words. Of course, much of the “easy to guess” portion depends on your drawing skills, but your life is made easier by good word choice.

How long is the word?

As demonstrated by the dandelion example, the length of the word you choose is important. Picking a three letter word can be advantageous because doing so narrows down the pool of words that can be guessed dramatically. Picking a three letter word also increases the chances that a person guessing random three letter words might get a “___ is close” message, at which point they might tip off other players by guessing similar words. Longer words have more…

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